Charlottesville Motels

What’s better than visiting the home of the University of Virginia? How about not spending an arm and a leg staying at the Omni Hotel or the Double Tree Hotel ($150+ a night)? If motels are your thing, it’s easy to get lost in the midst of options. This blog will detail the motels around town and provide some customer feedback!

What is a Motel?

motelOne of the distinguished features of a motel pertain to the exterior doors which most commonly face the parking lot. Motels are the condensed version of a hotel without as many luxuries. For instance, a hotel offers swimming pools, jacuzzis, room service and often a breakfast menu. Motels, on the other hand, may offer an exterior swimming pool (depending on your location), but generally offer the basics: wake-up calls, easy access from the room to your vehicle, and *fresh towels.

A motel offers a quick and painless accommodations for those who are just staying overnight or, need a relatively cheap place to stay the night. *Generally speaking, Hotels offer better customer service.

Welcome to Charlottesville

The Motels around Charlottesville get a wide range of reviews ranging from, “I’d rather sleep on the ground next to my car,” to, “Great service, clean room, etc.” The main purpose of this blog will be to inform you of the various C’ville Motel’s conditions so you can find one that most suits your needs.